Classic Brands 20 ton Low Profile Hydraulic Jack Cylinder + Hand Pump Stoke 30mm(1.18 inch) Mini Protable Ram Industrial Thin Lifting not for Car (20T cp-180 Pump)


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1.This hydraulic jack is often used in power, chemical, steel, bridges, machinery and other industries! Home car type is not recommended
2.The utility model has the advantages of smaller size and greater working capacity, especially in the narrow space position, and has the functions of portability, flexibility, big jacking force, etc
3.when the hydraulic jack is used, the bottom should be flat and tough. Oil free wood panels to expand the pressure surface, to ensure safety. Iron can not be used instead of planks to prevent sliding.
4.when lifting requires a smooth, heavy load slightly to check whether there is any abnormal situation, if there is no abnormal circumstances to continue jacking. Do not arbitrarily lengthen handle or excessive operation.
5.Without overloading or exceeding height. When the sleeve appears red line, indicating that has reached the rated height, should stop lifting.

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